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Mersey URC Moderator to move on

From the General Secretary: The Revd John Proctor 020 7916 2020

United Reformed Church Trust is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Charity no. 1133373, Company no. 135934

29 April 2020

Ms Rita Griffiths,

Clerk to Mersey Synod.

Dear Rita,

This letter carries news that you will want to share within the Synod, and so you may wish to circulate it around ministers and churches.

You will know that the Revd Jacky Embrey recently had a tenure review, to consider whether her ministry in Mersey Synod might extend beyond her initial seven-year appointment. Soundings weretaken in the Synod, which were collated and considered by a panel whom the Synod had elected. The panel then met with representatives of the wider URC, who also met with Jacky herself.

I now write to let you know that Jacky will not extend her ministry in Mersey Synod, but she will return to local pastoral ministry. She will not move immediately. Vacancy process takes time, and many matters are proceeding more slowly in present circumstances than they usually would. So Jacky will be around to support the Synod in the next few months, which may take us through the worst of the Covid crisis. However, it presently looks likely that she may move on towards the end of this year.

There will be much to consider and arrange in the coming months. Jacky will be keen to bring somepieces of work to a good conclusion before she moves. Plans for interim cover will need to be made, so that the Moderator’s main responsibilities can be carried by others during a period of vacancy. And you will want to start work on a profile of the Synod, as you look ahead towards seeking the next Moderator.

I know that the Synod will want Jacky’s work among you to end well, and to offer her good support when she prepares to move on. She has contributed much in her years in Mersey, and will bring great gifts and much wisdom to her next ministry. She is keen to work hard and helpfully in the months ahead, even amid the constraints and uncertainties of this time.

Yours sincerely,