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This Week's Noticesheet

Journeying with God
Have you ever been out walking with a group?  If you have, then you will know that there are those who stride out at the front and those who bring up the rear.  You will know that those at the front get to a rest point first, and are keen to move on almost as soon as those at the back arrive!  Some are focussed on the destination, others on the scenery.
All of this leaves me with a number of questions.  Does God go at full speed and expect us to keep up?  Or does God walk at our speed whilst encouraging us along?  Or do we sometimes rush ahead, assuming we know what God wants, leaving God behind and finding ourselves having to go back to discover what it is that God wants us to look at?
Or does God actually want us to walk in step with him, so that sometimes we will be pushed and perhaps shoved to go faster than feels comfortable, but nevertheless trusting in God’s strength and support.  Perhaps walking in step with God will mean that we will be going at a slower pace than we think we should so that we can be aware of where we are journeying.  We may even discover that walking in step with God means that we have to stand still, seemingly going nowhere, but having the opportunity to soak up our surroundings and enjoy the stillness of the moment?
Together as a church, and as individuals, our journey into the future needs to be God’s journey, travelled at God’s speed, taking the route God has mapped out for us.  That way we will remain ‘up front’ with him.
Rev Ian