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This Week's Noticesheet


20th January 2019

Gifts – unlikely and unwanted Poor Eeyore! His birthday had been forgotten by everyone, and even when he reminded his friends about it the gifts they brought were, at first sight, difficult to appreciate. Piglet had brought a balloon, but it was burst and looked more like a piece of damp rubber. Pooh had set off with a jar of honey, but by the time he got to Eeyore it had become an empty jar. Life was, as usual, very disappointing. Then it occurred to him that he could make a game out of putting Piglet’s balloon into Pooh’s jar and taking it out again. Not very thrilling, you might think, but Eeyore’s life was very boring! In 1 Corinthians 12, we read about the spiritual gifts that the Spirit gives to each of us. Each of us, and all of us. We may wonder which gift, or gifts, we’ve been given, but they’re bound to be there. Maybe someone else can tell you what gifts they see in you. Maybe your gift would work really well in conjunction with someone else’s gift; like Pooh’s did with Piglet’s. You may know quite clearly the gifts that you have, and how they could be used “for the good of all”, as Paul puts it, but you would really rather not have them. Using them might involve you in more commitment, more responsibility, more work. Unfortunately, no matter how uncomfortable they make you, not using them will make you feel more uncomfortable! We all have gifts. Ours may be different from other people’s. We may ask why we have certain gifts and not others. Other people’s gifts may seem preferable to those we have. But the combination of our gifts works for the good of the church community, as well as for the good of us all as individuals Penny Hennessey