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This Week's Noticesheet

Where is Love?

Life can seem to be a cycle of ups and downs and, often, more downs than ups. No sooner have we been cheered by some good event then we are brought back to earth with a bump. Jesus understands! His own journey of preaching, teaching and healing was anything but smooth. He experienced acceptance and rejection, adulation and loneliness. We are living through particularly dark days, at present, with the media constantly carrying reports of knife crime and shootings, and the plight of so many people displaced by war and disaster (natural or man-made). We may be tempted to throw up our hands in despair asking where God is in all this. Being a Christian does not give us immunity from the pain and anguish of life, as Jesus frequently reminded his followers. On one occasion Jesus was speaking to a large crowd when he was challenged about the brutal murder of some pilgrims ordered by the Roman governor, Pilate (Luke 13). The mind-set of the time laid the blame for ill fortune upon those who were sinful so the victims were assumed to have done something bad. “Not so!” said Jesus. “They were no worse sinners than you.” And there’s the rub: we are all sinners in need of repentance, in need of a change of mind-set. When disaster strikes, let us not be too quick to apportion blame to “them”, or to a vengeful God, but focus our thoughts and prayers on the victims - and consider what we might do to show our Christian love.


Alan Ventham