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Hallwood Ecumenical Parish

Bethesda, Palace Fields & St. Mark’s, Beechwood

Church of England – Methodist – United Reformed Church

19 September 2021


Being Special

Mark 9 30 – 39

Imagine for a moment you are walking down a dusty path, all around you are sandy hills.  The sun is beating down on you, and the hills have been difficult to climb, you are tired, dusty, and thirsty, but there is no shade or water for miles.  You see someone coming towards you, a man, his head is down, and he seems to be lost in his own thoughts.  Behind him just down the path you see a group of men that appear to be following this man.  They seem to be arguing about something.  They are so caught up with their discussion they don’t notice as they push past you knocking you off the path.  They are speaking loudly and you can hear what they are saying.

One voice says: ‘No I’m the best out of all of us – I can read and write.’

Another voice pops up: ‘Get real Matthew you were a tax collector, you may have made more money than us, but he called me and my brother first so that has to account for something, we should be considered the greatest.

Still another voice: Don’t be silly Simon Peter you and your brother were just fishermen, I mean I was a Doctor.  For a man such as Jesus someone with natural healing abilities has got to mean that I am the greatest!

And another voice: No you’ve all got it wrong Jesus took Peter, James and myself up the mountain. And God spoke to him from heaven and we saw Elijah and Moses.  So I am the greatest….

Their voices fade into the distance as you continue on your journey and you smile to yourself as you can’t help but think that each and every one of them looked as dirty, tired and thirsty as you did so none of them were particularly great.

God loves each one of us the same, there are no favourites, we are all special.


Rev’d Lisa



Sunday 19 September   10.30am               Holy Communion at Bethesda

                                                10.30am               Morning Worship at St. Mark’s

                                                  7.30pm               Online Evening Worship

Sunday 26 September   10.30am               Morning Worship at Bethesda

                                                10.30am               Holy Communion at St. Mark’s

                                                  7.30pm               Online Evening Worship

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